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Aramm Review – Hard Hitting

Aramm (2016)

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Directed By: Gopi Nainar

Cast: Nayanthara, Ramachandran Durairaj, Vela Ramamoorthy, Sunnu Lakshmi

Language: Tamil

Aramm is a reality check for all the people who say that India is a fast developing country. It is a story about the sufferings of people in the rural pockets of India. Development is happening only on the surface level and is lopsided. Aramm has a message and is sincere with it.

A space rocket is launched and villagers are celebrating it with no knowledge about it. In the next scene we see a family asking the medical van for water as there is no water in the entire village. The director Gopi Nainar has made an effort to make this a hard hitting movie. Throughout the movie you will find that Gopi has mislead the audience to hit home the depth of the issue. In one scene Sumathi (Sunu Lakshmi) is searching for her daughter Dhansika (Mahalakshmi) and she finds a snake skin. But what follows is an even more sinister trouble. Dhansika falls into a bore-well pit left uncovered by a businessman.

Pulenthiran (Ramachandran Durairaj) and Sumathi wait in despair while Madhivadhani IAS (Nayanthara) tries everything to get Dhansika to safety. She has noble intentions but is fighting a war on two fronts: distrusting public on one side and greedy politicians on other. To make matters worse there is no proper equipment to safely lift out Dhansika. All the focus and money is spent on getting man to space but none for situations like this.

Aramm is fighting a system which is at fault. It not just the doctors or the politicians but everyone and everything is corrupt. At the start Pulenthiran (Ramachandran Durairaj) requests water from a medical van but refuses the cold drinks offered saying it would instead make him more thirsty. Brilliant way of highlighting how companies take out every drop of water in pretext of eradicating thirst but instead just creating more of it. MLA ‘s are useless as they remember the public only during the time of elections. The MLA instead of helping Madhivadhani IAS prepares a compensation for the family to forget this ordeal and move on. Government officers are not loyal to their services as the life of villagers doesn’t make or break the nation.

The media cares only about the TRP’s and nothing else. A national debate happens with group of so called experts but none of them give any solutions. Madhivadhani alone can’t bring the change because when she tries, the system kicks her out. She is advised not to take action against the Councillor and has to face the inquiry commission.

Aramm is tense thriller where director doesn’t leave the audience any time to breathe. Politicians, Army, Doctors all are here and come short of ideas. Even smallest of details adds tension, people don’t park but just drop their bikes. There is a sense of desperation as everyone waits in anticipation while Dhansika is going deep into abyss.

Nayanthara is good as a helpless IAS officer with noble intentions. Its good that she is shedding her sultry diva avatar and doing a role like Madhivadhani IAS. It’s a good direction for her career and hope she churns out more roles like this. Tamil film industry is male dominated where actresses are reduced to mere objects of beauty. But here a protagonist carries an entire movie on her own which is a welcome change. Ramachandran Durairaj and Sunu Lakshmi are good as parents of Dhansika.

Aramm is a must watch as it highlights all the issues, even though I found the last motivational speech to be little out of place. If we can excuse that and the over acting, it is still a good watch as it sincere with its message and makes you wonder that all is not well with our country. Progress is lopsided and ignored at the grassroots level. Watch it and share your ratings above.

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