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Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald – Trailer Breakdown 2

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald (2018)

Hello Potterheads, Fantastic Beasts The Crimes of Grindelwald Trailer 2 was released in San Diego Comicon. We had done a trailer breakdown for the first trailer here: Fantastic Beasts The Crimes of Grindelwald Trailer 1 and we will be doing something similar to that.

Enjoy the New Trailer:


young newt pic by movierap

The trailer begins with flashback of Newt in Hogwarts. He is sporting the same hairstyle back then and who is standing behind him? young Leta Lesterange? Lets see. She doesn’t look like a mischievous kind or the monster is probably concealed well and comes out only with Newt. Well, cant deny our guy has a way with monsters.


Newt Boggart Hd Pic by Movierap

Well Dumbledore channels his inner Lupin and teaches to tackle Boggart. Dumbledore was always a transfiguration professor but here he teaches Defence against the dark arts.

We see that Newt is a free spirit who cant work under somebody. His biggest fear is working in an office. Riddikulus!!!!!

Grindelwald Arrested hd pic by movierap

Wingardium Leviosa

MACUSA officials Wingardium Leviosa grindelwald to his cell. Did he die a little in the process??


Newt Paris Postcard Hd Pic by MovierapThis scene featured in Trailer 1 and again in trailer 2. Beauxbatons is there but again its not in Paris or is it Nicolas Flammel he resides in Paris and therefore Newt is going there to meet him.



Grindelwald Addressing hd pic by movierapGrindelwald is seen addressing a gathering of followers. There is a woman standing by his side: Vinda Rosier. Grindelwald urging his followers for a rebellion: ‘old ways serve us no longer’



Maledictus in Paris HD Pic by MovierapHere we see Maledictus in Paris. Maledictus has a blood curse and which makes her transform into a beast. And probably Newt is in Paris chasing this beast which is breaking havoc.



Grindelwald Vision hd Pic by MovierapGrindelwald had a vision or a prophecy and its seen here Credence is appearing in ghostly form. Grindelwald was chasing him all throughout the first movie and believes obscurus is the way to world domination.



Vinda Rosier Hd Pic by MovierapVinda Rosier she is the right hand of Grindelwald. she is seen here tailing someone, Newt probably.




Fanstastic Beasts hd Pic by MovierapWe see new beasts and as the franchise progresses the beasts are more scarier than the previous.




Mirros of Erised hd Pic by MovierapWe see Mirror of Erised is back. And woah Dumbledore sees the reflection of Grindelwald in the mirror. So Grindelwald is his deepest desire? As claimed in the books The Mirror of Erised is designed to show the deepest desires of the onlooker. So, is Dumbledore gay?


New Beasts hd Pic by MovierapWe see new beasts and this scene was there in trailer 1 too.




Newt, Leta and Tina Hd Pic by MovierapWell we see the three escaping together from someplace. So Leta is not that bad after all or our beloved Magizoologist has tamed the monster.




Credance hd Pic by MovierapOur boy credance has not only survived the first movie but also has learnt to channel the obscurus. He will have a bigger role and will break havoc along with Maledictus.



Elder Wand Hd Pic by MovierapWe see the Elder Wand and it should belong to Grindelwald. But we see that the Grindelwald drives a carriage and someone else is chasing behind him (probably Dumbledore). So I am bit confused who this guy really is and if its Dumbledore then how Grindelwald got to posses the Elder Wand.


Grindelwald Mad hd Pic by MovierapNewt and his brother Theseus are fighting Grindelwald alongside. And to note that Vinda at the back is holding something Golden. The philosophers stone?



Nicolas flamel HD Pic by MovierapWe see Nicolas Flamel the renowned Alchemist who created Philosopher’s stone which contains elixir of life making the drinker immortal.



Fantastic Beasts The Crimes of Grindelwald Trailer 2 shows a lot more into the franchise. These new beasts will be released on November 16th, 2018.

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